Cobble Games is an Unity coders outsourcing company for hire. I’ve started this company in September 2017 and it has been steadily operating  ever since.

We helped (and in some cases are still helping ) clients such as:

  • Games Operators
  • Hamstercube
  • Robot Gentleman
  • EI Games.
  • Simfabric

We also finished a game called Futurust for a team called Error Games which was supposed to be published with one of the Polish publisher. It’s not on a market yet since the situation between us and the publisher is a bit complicated. However we might have some good news for you soon.

Our key feature  is that we always deliver and never leave our clients.

I used to start as a solo game-developer / freelancer, but now we work as a 2-3 people team of professionals. Throughout this time I also managed to establish a network of specialist from other non-coding related fields, so if the project requires something more that just coding, we can deliver a full solution at a right price.

Feel free to contact us if you need tools for your team, a mobile game, implement fixes, new features or external SDKs into your existing games.

I’m sure we will get along just fine.