I am approaching the last line of delivery phase. I am positive I can finish this before the end of this year. One may say: about damn time. I must admit this took way too long time but it is worth it. Don’t expect much about the gameplay. The game is strictly for educational purposes only. I just want to deliver something as less crappy as possible and then move on to something more fun with all the knowledge I managed to get throught the whole process.

So far I was able to implement:

  • whole game loop with finishers
  • all the menus, credits and end screens (Demon win screen is work in progress)
  • one obligatory in-app purchase (no need to pay anything, just for me to learn how to add those sort of things)
  • Unity Ads

To do:

  • tweak some animations and remove certain pixel art graphics in favor to more hi-res versions
  • add leaderboards
  • add the remaining achievement pictures

Here is the intro to Unholy Showdown with my not so professional voice over 🙂