Right… so there’s that game I am developing since April 2016.

The game is called Unholy Showdown. It’s my first game which will be available to public. I don’t expect it to be a commercial success and I treat this project as a test ground for my skills. I want to pass through the whole game development process and gain practical skills that I will use in my second project.

I didn’t want to write anything out to public before I actually complete the alpha stage and make it feature complete.
I used to try that before but it never worked out. I canceled at least 15 prototypes so far. The only games I managed to complete were simple microgames made during game jams. This is the farthest I went so far.

Now that the game is in solid form with gameplay that will probably not change drastically, time to start this DevLog, move the game to Beta and add/improve graphic and sound assets.