I had this page for like roughly 3-4 years. I’ve started this blog before I even made games for living. It was meant to show my way from a n00b wannabe game maker to a professional game developer living from his passion.

The thing is… in February there will be a my second anniversary of me working & earning my living from making games full time. Moreover, I’ve managed to lead my own company for nearly 1 year and 6 months and I continue to do so, despite all odds.

The main challenge now is the lack of time and productivity optimization. I don’t have that much of a spare time to continue blogging but I’ve noticed that some articles I wrote here are really popular for my standards. It would be a shame to discard it all since apparently they add value to your life.

I’ve decided to transition this personal blog into my company page. I’ve started doing this several weeks ago. There’s still plenty to do, including re-branding and such. However you may be sure of one thing – I will not change it to yet another generic corporate web-page with PR messages. The transparency & integrity are the core of my business.

More to come soon so keep in touch with me and continue to stay awesome