Facebook has reminded me that 1 year ago Kurki Collective, indiedev initiative I am memeber of, went live and official.

What is Kurki Collective ?

Kurki Collective is a subgroup of “Indycze Jajo” virtual initiative which has been started by Izabela Latak – Grzesik couple of years ago.

“Indycze Jajo” helped amateur or part-time gamedevelopers like me to “get our stuff together” and motivate one another to become better and better. We usually meet up on our slack channel and Google Plus community to share ideas & knowledge, show our game development progress and generally socialize. We come from different parts of Poland, most of us do not live in large cities, some of us have families to support, some of us work GameDev full time, some of us do it after their day job hours.

We have one thing in common – We love creating games.

After several years of amateur acitivity we came up with an idea – how about going more “pro”, just a little bit. Still no stress and far from getting too much serious. Hence “Kurki Collective” idea emerged.



What we as Kurki Collective and I could do better?

  • Personally I think we should become more visible in social media. However it requires more time and involvement from the members on promoting our initiative. I know this is partly my fault. I promise I will do better.
  • Publish More Games!  There are bunch of cool projects being developed under the cover of our small collective. Since we’re a tad shy we show it only to one another.
  • We need a webpage !
  • More similar to Kurki Games Factory initiatives
  • More live meet ups

The intitiative helped me personally a lot. With help of Kurki Collective members I became a fulltime Game Developer for hire (https://www.facebook.com/CobbleGames/), published my own small mobile game and now I work with Error Games Studio  ( who work with a a publisher Fat Dog Games) on their game called Futurust

If you take in consideration the fact that just 3 years ago I was still working in IT Support this is a huge life changer: I earn money from what I love.

So if you are or want to be a game developer – join a similar community in your area or simply create one – as we did. Just being around like-minded people will help you grow.