Date: 2nd to 4th of September
Theme: Love
Duration: 36 hours

Team size: Me, myself and I
Technology: Unity 5.4
Status: Game completed

This is the second game jam in 2016 I’ve participated in (6th Game Jam so far). My aim was to see what is my current progress in gamedevelopment and check how much I can do alone without help of others.

What I’ve learnt:

  1. Coding:
    I got better with coding but I am still far from being even remotely average, not mentioning reaching an expert level. I managed to close the working gameloop within 10 hours using gamestates – that’s good. However I still had significant problems with strictly mathematic challenges. I also have a feeling that I could code things in more simple way.
  2. Graphics:
    The progress is almost unnoticable. This is so far my weakest side. Half of the jam I spent on making graphics and the result was not satiscationary at all. I either must find an art style which is within my reach or focus more on learning how to draw.
  3. Music and SFX:
    0 out of 1000 – this is how much I know currently about making music for games. I don’t even try to learn anything from that subject as long as I still am not able to draw descent graphics.


It’s a survival roguelike about a future husband-to-be who partied too much in the night before wedding. He must find his missing suit, weeding rings and cash to order a taxi within 12 rounds and not die from starvation and massive hangover. Each round consists of 60 points and each action consumes certain amount of action points. Player hunger and hydration points are lowered by the end of each round unless they pick up a hot dog or water bottle.

  • You lose if you die out of hunger or hangover.
  • You win if you collect all the 3 suit parts, wedding ring and cash for taxi within 12 rounds.

To sum up, I am happy with the concept however the aesthetics are really poor executed. However with certain design changes (smaller room, more actions to spend points on, random events) and better graphics – this could be a nice mobile game playing on frustration factor.
I might come back to it sometimes later…