Theme was: Self Destruction;

Me and my buddy from work – Adam Grania made a reversed beat-em up game for internal game jam organized by the company I work for.

This was a really nice experience – Me and Adam got along really well. I scripted the game in Game maker and Adam was quickly creating graphic assets. We took an easy approach and had a lot of fun (and pizza) during this day. Originally we wanted each level to have unique mechanic and present a different “suicide attempt” hower in the end we just created a one level due to lack of time.

What was ok?

  • We did the working game and intro and it was a true “jam” experience
  • Audience liked it
  • We managed to have a decent sleep and I even managed to sort out the non-gaming related challenges with moving flats in between

What was not ok?

  • Game Maker and my coding skills sucked at that time. After a while I could not make out anything of the code I wrote.
  • We had to cut levels in order to deliver the game in complete way.