The theme was: Faith in Agreement

The jam was located in Teatr Polski in Poznań, just before the PGA event.

This was a first Game Jam we used “a proper” way of team jamming. I was in a team with Łukasz “Jagoda” Jagodziński who is a professional Python Developer and he tough me some cool stuff with source control and general coding practise. We chose Unity this time even though both of us knew very little about it at that time but it proved to be very efficient and we quickly learnt the required basics.

Moreover there were plenty of other Game jammers onsite who also used Unity so we could ask them what’s and how’s as we went forward with game making.

We had a rought game concept and first build after 24h but we have decided to spend another day coding outside of main campus in Łukasz house. We were having hard time adjusting to “party mood” of some jammers who came to the place I guess not to make games but to play on some people nerves (or maybe I am just getting old ).

Our GFX artist Justyna Piechowiak was busy making game assets and we spent the rest of time trying to get the build work, learning Unity on the way.

What was ok?

  • We made a working game in unknown previously to us game engine
  • The concept of cooperative puzzle looked interesting and might be worth to take another look some other time
  • We met some cool and helpful people
  • We have learnt A LOT

What was not ok?

  • My coding SUCKED. I had so much bad habits inherited from Game Maker that it’s amazing how much patience Łukasz had to correct my bugs.
  • It’s not enough to draw good on game jams – you need to draw fast… and it might be a problem for noobies like us.