First Game Jam I took part in January 2015:



Since I haven’t known anybody I decided to go full random. I was a bit stressed out since it was my first game jam.
I used a technology I was most confident with at that time (Game Maker) and we made a simple top down shooter called “Space Incident”.
The aim was to shoot the incoming waves of aliens and protect the bridge and in the same time free the rest of a crew.
Each crew member had a special ability:

  • Bossman acted like a turret shooting missiles – you could leave him behind so he could protect your back
  • Hacker could open jammed doors
  • Mechanic was strong enough to clear the corridors from rubble
  • Medic healed players in the Medical Zone

The concept was simple, however team was not experienced – including me.
We delivered a working and completed game but a low quality one.

I was acting like a main “coder”, there was also a guy recording music (he took his electric guitar to the game jam) and a graphic artist.
What went wrong?
Several things:

  • Stamina: I had practically no sleep since Friday morning until Saturday Afternoon when we completed the first working game version.
  • We focused on wrong things: When I left to have a sleep on Saturday the Music guy decided to “optimize” the code which of course created unforseen bugs as we both were really low on coding skill. Instead of polishing the game on Sunday I wasted time on getting the build back to working state.
  • Random folks = random problems; I won’t go into details here but it was rather interesting some times 🙂

What went right?

  • we made a game in less than 48h 🙂
  • The guitar music is awesome.