This was a second task that we were given during 1st edition of Game Dev School.

The aim was to create a game within the similar scope of the first project. However, this time game should be a commercial attempt.

At first I was a part of a larger team of 6 people who decided to make a sort of Angry Birds for lovers game where I was playing a coder part. I knew I was a very poor coder at that time so after preparing a prototype in Game Maker I decided to give room to another coder who was more versed in Unity. I wanted to learn from someone better than me.

However the project was so slowly executed that I began to worry if we ever deliver it. I decided to step back and since the team was already secured with a better coder I made a quick “block crusher” game using free assets and published it to Flash Game License portal.

The game was very well received and I managed to get a descent video feedback from FGL reviewer. I wasn’t able to sell it since the game was very generic. I was pretty satisfied, though. I was able to make my own game within 1 week and I managed to pass all the formalities required to submit the game to

I need to dig up my old backup hardrive in search of old screenshots… maybe even html5 game.