I’ve decided to redo some of the old game jam games with better gameplay.

For the first round my choice is the Game which I made together with my Fiancee during HUUUGE Game Jam in December 2016.

More about the original game jam project in the postmortem HERE

My choice was to make it an mobile arcade game based on wacky physics, lot of screen shake nad explosions.

You swipe on screen to “throw” the Samurai and give him momentum and tap to make him stop. The challenge here is that since the stop is kind of radical it overheats your player sandals. You cannot stop again if the sandals are not cold enough. If samurai is moving he is automatically attacking the zombies. Zombies can only hurt the player if he is not moving. Zombies also leave a poison toxic pond after their death which deals a small damage if player touches it.

So far it looks like this: