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Kurki Collective 2nd Live meet up summary and my project update

Last weekend I took part in a live meet up with my fellow indie developers from internet community called Kurki Collective. Kurki Collective initiative evolved from a small, yet quite productive group of developers from all around the Poland. Most of them are less known in the main stream gamedev but that’s the whole beauty of it: We stick together, make games, have fun and live our busy lives without an urge of being in the center of everybody’s attention.

That was a second live meet up, last year we met in the Orla Cafe where I showed my first game Unholy Showdown in it’s early stages of development. This year I showed the early version of base building game I am currently making after hours of my day job gamedev. I have to admit that I had to crunch slightly to deliver the core features I wanted to show but I can only say it was worth it. Folks gave me some really useful pieces of advice. Live feedback was so interesting that I have decided to immediately code some of the changes.


This is a version from Friday:

This is a version from Today:


In the first movie I got some basic Dune2-like building system, where you first had to lay some floor-tiles to place certain building. Now, as you can see, you will have to place a Light Totem first as buildings can only be placed within it’s light radius (sort of like Starcraft Protos pylons).

Generally  I had been encouraged to play more with the light mechanic. This would be integral with the core story of the game.  The plot is still very blurry and lacks precision but I shall stick to a concept of bringing back the light to formerly lively domain, which is now exploited by evil creatures who feast on it’s light. Very simple, maybe not too deep at the moment but time will show.

As soon as I get the building  system going I want to include some progression system and basic quests to be able to explain Player the plot without cutscenes. Not sure how they will look like but I want them to be meaningful – if a player reaches a level that allows them to learn a skill = find a teacher. Need access to new part of the map? Please the gatekeeper. Etc. As I mentioned before – this is more of a learning experience for me.

So to sum up the planned changes:

  1. Build system:
    • Structures can be placed within light radius only.
    • If the totem is gone they will slowly decay (to be implemented).
    • Structures need light sparks to be build.
    • Some buildings (like defense towers) will require upkeeping cost.
  2. Progression system:I want player avatar to be able to gain experience points to unlock special abilities. Nothing too complex, maybe just some linear skill tree. Just to make the game slightly more interesting and focus it more around the main protagonist.
  3. Quests: Yet again. Nothing too complex. Kill 5 monsters. Bring a package… or maybe I shall come up with something more interesting. I dunno at this point.
  4. Visuals:
    • I will have to learn Blender this time to create some basic 3D models. Right now what you see are just a placeholders. I chose this art style for a reason – this whole bloom and glow is perfect to cover my low modelling skills 🙂
    • Work on camera – I havent decided if I want to make it static or give more control to the player. Time will show.
    • Since the game will strongly be based on light on / light off mechanic I will need to work on some textures and light system. Right now there are no shadows. Just a lot of glow. This will have to change at some point.


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  1. Artur "ekhart" Dębkowski

    Great initiative. Strange, that I haven’t heard of it yet. I definitely give it a shot next time!

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