I have been silent lately here on this blog. My GameDev Freelance Service is going full speed so in order to put all the life pieces together I must chose what not to do in order to live in a healthy balance. I’m currently supporting 2 major clients and trying to deliver my personal project. If you add a life partner, a dog and practising capoeira you may come to the same conclusion as me that sometimes writing a blog post matters less than having a descent 8h sleep.

Despite being terribly busy I’ve decided to stand up and write about something which had happened behind the doors of a one of the closed gamedev groups.

We had seen a classic example of bullying. Friend of mine made something stupid and wrote a condenceting post which looked as if he was trying to teach the experts how to do their job, even though he had no experience in that matter. Later he was trying to turn it into laughs but it was way too late for the enraged crowd to step back. Some people made screenshots and posted them on twitter. People can be cruel in their jokes. Fortunately after a while  moderators and some more experienced and respected developers stepped in to calm down the mob.

Now we have a relative peace. However, later I spoke with the kid who started the thread and believe me… Feeling like sh@&t is the mildest way of trying to describe what he is going through right now.

Even though I’m partly responsible for his roast as I also participated in this whole madness, I’m writing this post to cheer him up and support him.

Why? Because 4 years ago I made the very same mistake as him.

The roast lasted not one day, not two days but it took 2 years of being regularly laughed on by some of the well known local devs. The gossips, the irritating trolling on social media, private messages.  It’s long over now but I still remember the names of those assholes. Also I keep screenshots of some of their messages. You know that saying: forgive your enemies but never forget their names.

I’ve grown a thick skin and slowly getting more and more credibility on the market. I’m no longer a noob as I used to be. It’s all because of the persistence and genetically encoded stubborness. This would not be possible without the support I received from my friends and the close ones.

This makes me thinking: Why are we so fast to judge and act like wild, starving monkeys who saw a banana? Aren’t we supposed to create a positive experience and welcome new people to learn from one another? Being an asshole to noobs does not help them grow to be better devs. We need mentors, not assholes.

So to end this long post here’s my 10 golden rules to be a better gamedev. It also took me some time to learn about the existance of them. Also I’m not claiming I have them mastered. As some of you may know I have a problem with the first part of each rule – shutting down the flapping upper.

Rule 1) STFU and work on your technical skills

Rule 2) STFU and listen to feedback

Rule 3) STFU and instead of giving your feedback ask if someone wants to hear it first.

Rule 4) STFU and dont waste time on things that do not get you closer to your target

Rule 5) STFU and kill your ego

Rule 6) STFU and do Game Jams

Rule 7) STFU and ask questions instead of giving opinions

Rule 8) STFU and accept that you know nothing and that this will not change until the very end of your career

Rule 9) STFU and be nice to people

Rule 10) STFU and dont stop. Never. Always iterate until awesome.


Remember that being an asshole to a n00b doesn’t make you a better GameDev.