Changes are always difficult but embracing the fact that changes are inevitable gives you a liberating opportunity to react toward them  in the way you are most comfortable with.

After staying way too long in the corporate world (8 years in support IT)  the first job and city change seemed to be very difficult… but it proved to be the best thing I could make for my life at that point.

The second “professional jump” to new job and new city turned out to be way easier than the first move. I got seasoned by first changes.

The most important thing is to go forward as soon as you make the decision. Dont wait for the counter offer, dont waste time on expressing how much you suffer because organization goals do not align with your personal goals. Just go. They will not miss you and the sooner you forget about the past and focus on building your future the better for you.

As soon as I made the decision that it’s time for me to go (it was in December 2016) I immediatly focused just on things that would get me closer to acheiving the goal. I entered “Terminator mode” as would Michał Marcinkowski form Transhuman Design call it.

Now that I managed to secure the job contract after probation period (at least for now:  embrace the fact that nothing in life is certain and permanent),  I can focus on getting the stability back.

This new situation got me off balance. I must adjust my habbits to gain back my full productivity.

Before February my life was based on certain bricks:

  1. Job which was less and less demanding, but needed to generate certain financial stabilization
  2. personal project and game james (work after work) which helped me improve skills
  3. capoeira to give me a proper dose of physical activity
  4. Family and Relationship time
  5. Sleep and Rest

Due to the fact that huge chunk of time was occupied by point 1 and 2 it was hard for me to put a descent focus on 3,4 and 5.

Now my life looks slightly different:

  1. Job where I grow and learn new things with each and every day
  2. 2 times more of capoeira (now since I live in the city where my Group has a head quarter it would be a sin not to use this opportunity)
  3. Personal projects
  4. Family and relationship time
  5. Sleep and rest

Now since I moved the need to fulfill my curosity and urge to learn new things to working hours, I can spend less time on point 3 and more time on point 4 and 5…

I still have the problem with the last one – getting a proper sleep since I got acustomed to do gamedev long after normal day working hours. I made the decision not to participate in any on site Game Jams so I can focus more on delivering long term projects. I might consider attending online Ludum Dare but we shall see. Short term plans must make way for more long term projects and obligations.

Time to find another center of weight 🙂