This is generally a simple informative post with what’s currently going on in my private, indiedev and dayjob gamedev life. So that you know that this place is alive and I’m also still breathing despite my “noble” age 😛

I’ll try to be brief:

Private life has become stable again as some time ago we finally closed all the logistic issues with my former city of residance. Me and my Fiancee both have a stable employment and we moved to a new small, yet cosy and comfortable flat in Warsaw. Neighbourhood is safe and quiet and basically that is all we need.

My dayjob gamedev things are getting better and better. The project I am in is about to finish it’s prealpha stage and decision making people decided my role will be more System / Technical Designer-like. I will still have to code but I shall not focus on creating tools or optimization but rather brainstorming, talking about and designing game systems as well as roughly implementing them in a prototype sort of code, so that better coders can see them in action. They will probably have to refactor it afterwards but at least we have something to work with. I am the one who asks uncomfortable questions and try to brainstorm with other team members to find the best system solutions. So yeah – a lot of meetings, a lot of talking and later a lot of writing notes and documents and a bit of spread sheets … and after that even more talking to make sure we are all on the same page.

Frankly, I love it 🙂

My indiedev side projects: I guess I start to see a pattern in my behaviour. I pick a topic in a first half of the year which I think will be that BIG ONE. Then I fail or get tired by some weird obstacle and I come up with a new idea and prototype which actually has a chance to work. That was the case with year 2016 when I firstly came up with an idea of “the best rythm game evaaa” which I failed to deliver and ended up with finishing Unholy Showdown. This year is almost the same: I came up with an idea of “the best mobile platformer evaaa! ” then I found out that I am actually a very poor animator and that unfortunately this time my Fiancee cannot help me with drawing. I became frustrated and then I drifted to another idea and prototype … which is actually getting a better traction.

It’s called (for now) “Light Sheppard” and the core game loop is really dead simple:

You pick up lights > you spend them to build structures > structures like turrets can destroy monsters> you pick more lights > you build better structures and create a base > you can destroy bigger monsters and so on and so forth.

Current stage of development is as you can see below. I am aiming at a first playable pre-alpha for the 23rd off June when I am meeting live with my fellow indie developers from Kurki Collective. I’ll get their feedback and iterate as quick as possible to deliver a descent MVP maybe by the end of this year.  I am aiming to publish it using Steam Direct and publish it on Early Access to get feedback from community. I dont necessarily need to earn that much from it.  I dont have any financial expectations from this project. If I manage to deliver this game then this will be yet another personal achievement and a great learning experience. That is all I want… and never wanted anything different. Money can come and go but what I manage to learn and experience, stays with me forever.

Wish me luck!