Since I’m a bit of self-improvement geek I do make new years resolutions as well as the others. On the contrary to most of the people, I tend to treat this seriously (fortunately not dead seriously) and I at least try to approach this process in more structural way. Somehow I managed to complete major milestones last year with new method (i.e. drop weight, publish a game, become debt free) so I guess I’ll continue the process this year as well.

I won’t bother you with my private life resolusions but let’s focus on the ones related with Game Development:

  1. Make a full game with better gameplay.
  2. Improve OOP C# coding in Unity +, learn more about shaders, 3D games in general, networking, maths and algorithms
  3. Improve game theory skills
  4. Learn more about game economy
  5. Redo old Game Jam games to see if I could make the old concepts in a better way

As you can see all those goals are related with one another. This raises the chance of clearing out the list.

Fingers crossed 🙂