As you become a grownup you get less and less of so called spare time: Full time job, family, side projects, travelling etc.

It’s very easy to forget about what is most important – feeding you inner child.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been playing games that much lately. This is a no-cannot-do in the careeer path I am pursuing.

In order to be a good designer you must play games.

The problem I had was that each time I was playing if the game did not hook me from start I quickly got discouraged .  Moreover after a while I got this feeling everytime I played that I was wasting my preciouse time. I could be learing to code or draw or whatever useful skill I wanted to learn. That is a  near-death mistake for a designer-to-be such as myself.

So… I’ve decided to force myself a bit to create a healthy habit of playing AND studying games mechanics.

Each Saturday I will play a game for at least 1h and try to reverse engineer its game mechanics or analyze the game modes it has.

I’ll be broadcasting the game on Twitch ( and  describe whatever I manged to notice / learn in the Google Document and this page.