This post will try to show you the perspective view on what I have been through since April 2016. Everything has changed … 3 times.

The game idea originated in year 2014 during my internships in a GameDev company. By a dumb accident a senior game designer and my mentor Tomasz Strzelczyk made a joke about a pitch of a totally different game.

He said that the pitch I made was not clear enough and joked that “this looks like a pitch for a game about demon who possesed the pricesses and it says nothing about a mechanic… It could be as well as a rythm game” … and then he added “Woah! Imagine a game like Exorcist … but with Guitar Hero mechanic… like you know … you have this incense, a prayer and like… holy water and you need to use them to match the rythm of a song”. This idea was hilarious … and still is. Even now I still remember it.

Now the game is Turn Based Rock/Paper/Scissors with local multiplayer. How did that happen? I got players feedback… and the most hilarious idea that sounded ultimately awesome … wasn’t that awesome while real people tried it in practice.

Let me show you some screens from early alphas and compare them with current status…


Title Screen


Main Level



… and you may be sure about one thing – they will most probably change as well.