I’m called Fid – this short nickname is easier to pronounce for non-Polish nationals.
My real name “Krzysztof Orzędowski” is a true tongue twister for some folks and it’s way too long for 3 character limit in Arcade Highscores.

I’m currently 36 year “not so” old fart who remembers 8-bit era and who spent childhood playing Amiga Games.

After my 30s life’s crisis (it’s a real thing – anyone who reached that age will confirm that) I’ve decided to drastically change my life and pursue something which is more interesting than a corporate “stable, yet boring” job.

In 2014 I finished a Game Dev School course where I found out that I am not the only weirdo thinking the same.
In 2015 I took a leap of faith, quit my corporate job as a IT support guy and took a Game Support job in Game Dev company.
They needed a Support Guy and this was the closest job to game making I could find. I figured I might get an inside view of how things are done and improve my Game Dev skills while I get paid for what I know best.

I spent all 2015 on game jamming and in 2016, while still working full time in Support I finished my own free mobile game “Unholy Showdown” to gain experience and learn (Read the POSTMORTEM HERE).

In February 2017 I got hired by Mobile Game Dev company in Warsaw as a Junior c# game developer (Unity) to work on a new unannounced project.  I finished working for them in July.

Right now I am busy building my own enterprise called Cobble Games – Contract Indiedev Outsourcing service for Hire.

Recently we have finished game called Futurust, we also helped (and in some cases are still helping ) clients such as:

  • Games Operators
  • Hamstercube
  • Robot Gentleman
  • EI Games.
  • Simfabric

If I am not in front of computer I try to pursue my other passions like Capoeira and be a good partner for my Fiancée and sometimes get a descent sleep which might be a challenge as you can see.

To cut a long story short – I’m a busy man 🙂