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Code for hire

Need a feature or SDK implemented in existing project and your core team is busy? Need additional support before the launch date and you want to avoid crunch time?

Expand your audience

We can port and publish your game to consoles (Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation) and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

Project Firefighting

If for some reason your game is in trouble we have people and skills to help you to get back on track as soon as possible.

About Us
Creative Freedom, Dedication, Transparancy

We are a group of trained and experienced professionals with various professional backgrounds who came together as a team to build something more significant than each of us would be capable of achieving on their own

We have graphic artists who proved their skills in critically acclaimed projects. We have game designers and coders who delivered games for PC, consoles and mobile platforms. We are disciplined, and we went together through fire and flames.

What makes us different is that we don't do this only for money. We share the common goal and shared values. Each and every one of us before building Cobble Games had their fair part of involvement in different companies. We came together to form a workplace where we could be independent, creative and enjoy our industry. Making games is not just another job. It's building virtual worlds.

If you need help with your project or want to know us a little better, please do reach out. We can talk, possibly drink tea or coffee at our office and maybe do some business together.

Our Portfolio
Vampire: The Masquarade Shadows of the New York
Vampire: The Masquarade Shadows of the New York

Together with Draw Distance we delivered this stunning visual novel. We also ported it to Nintendo Switch and Xbox


Project made in cooperations with Draw Distance. It contains gameplay modified by Real World Data

Serial Cleaners
Serial Cleaners

Project made in cooperations with Draw Distance. We implemented narration tools and ported the game to Xbox

Titan Charge
Titan Charge

We helped Nitreal Games to debug and implement several SDKs to Android and iOS versions

Plastic Rebellio
Plastic Rebellion

We debugged the game and implemented Gamepad Controls

Mr Blaster
Mr Blaster

We modified the iOS version based on client requirements


We created this game for our IT-Sec client who ordered a casual hacker-themed game which contained their brand name, available on Nintendo Switch and Mobile


Classic Point and Click Adventure Game suitable for everyone

Chains of Fury
Chains of Fury

Metroidvania Boomer Shooter with destructible environment


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